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10 Quick Wins with lighting for facilities managers

There must be things that the hard-pressed facilities manager can do to make their job just a little bit easier, and maybe save a bit of money for better things. Here’s a list of actions that shouldn’t take too much effort to work out and which should see immediate benefits.

Replace 2D lamps with LED modules

There’s no reason why utility bulkheads in service areas should still be fitted with 2D fluorescent lamps. There are plenty of efficient LED alternatives designed specifically to replace the 2D lamp. They’ll provide around 70% energy savings, with improved light output across a lamp life of around 50, 000 hours.

But be careful and do a bit of research. Switching from a fluorescent 2D lamp to an LED retrofit isn’t only an easy fix for you; it’s also an easy option for unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers, so be sure of who you’re dealing with.

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